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Water Damage Categories

Learn more about the various categories of water that can affect your home during a water damage.  

Water Damage Classes

Learn more about the various classes of water damage that can affect your home.  The class of the water damage will affect how much time it takes to dry the affected materials, how many and/or what type of equipment is used.

Drying Methods

There are two main drying methods that are utilized by most disaster restoration firms. Which type of method is used is determined by cost, damage and contamination.

Equipment Information

Amount of equipment is determined by the class of water loss and drying method used. Type of equipment is based on material types and existing indoor and outdoor humidity and temperatures. Equipment placement is based upon the drying method used.

Things to Watch For

There are some basic rules to watch for regarding equipment used during the water damage mitigation process.  

Water Documents

Find various documents, such as Dehumdification formula, EMC Standards Chart and a Water Removal Estimator.

Example Estimates

See example Xactimate estimates.

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