Things to Watch For

Types of equipment in the home

  • There should be enough equipment in the home to insure that it is dry in approximately three days.

  • Class 3 and 4 water losses can frequently take four to five days to dry out.

  • Class 4 water losses are the only water losses that should go beyond the four to five day point.

  • You have 72 hours to mitigate, if you are not half way done drying by day two you need to reevaluate your drying process.

  • No marked signs of improvement by day two means you either need more equipment or more demolition.

Types of equipment in the home

  • Extra large or desiccant dehumidifiers

    • Used typically for class 3 and 4 water losses only.

    • In a class 4 water loss, conventional dehumidifiers don't do anything past day one.

  • Air Scrubbers

    • For water mitigation purposes air scrubbers are generally reserved for category 3 water losses only.

    • This may change when the IICRC releases a revised edition of the S500.

  • If any vendor cannot explain and prove through documentation why any piece of equipment was needed they should not be compensated.