Unusual Home Damage Isn't Unusual

tree on house

Your house is home base.

It's also the last place you'd want something like a tree on a roof...bursting water line, or a dump-truck through the garage door.

But it happens. Unusual damage is...well, hopefully not usual, but it's definitely not rare.

There is a reason that lots of insurance companies cover a large variety of home related insurance plans...life happens!

As a restoration company - fixing fire damage and mitigating water damage in the Vancouver Washington area, the variety certainly exists here.

No matter the damage the response needs to be the same. Emergency measures and safety need to be addressed first if necessary (ie. call the Fire Department if your home is on fire)... then move right to calling a restoration company and your Insurance company. If you've been blessed to have home insurance, the provider can provide insight into what is covered and what is not.

Costs of restoration are highly variable especially when you consider a small water damage on an isolated area as opposed to major fire damage in a home.

And yes...we've seen it all. Just know that this sort of thing happens to people...and if you're one of those people - all is not lost. It can be fixed, mitigated and restored to a beautiful "pre-loss" condition.

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