Don't Get 'Hosed' by a Water Damage Restoration Company

In the world of water damage restoration, there are constants that require a measured level of care. Letting water sit for too long, or not drying out to the right level can turn a bad situation even worse. Every restoration company should be well versed in water damage standards, if they don' could get hosed on price, result...or both!

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There are plenty of fire and water restoration companies in the Northwest. Being from Vancouver Washington, we have seen many types of damage, and seen the results of bad water damage restoration. We've been hired to go in and clean up a job done badly, and those customers wish they would have hired us in the first place.

Our focus has been on getting a water damage dried out in the right amount of time in order to avoid further damage. Also important, is that the home is live-able, as much as is possible, so that there is no unnecessary disturbance.

Below are some basic information you need to know. Too much equipment is expensive for the customer, too little is not effective. This guide gives ideas about standards and practices when it comes to water damage. Water Damage Mitigation Equipment

  • There should be enough equipment in the home to insure that it is dry in approximately three days.​

  • Class 3 and 4 water losses can frequently take four to five days to dry out.​

  • Class 4 water losses are the only water losses that should go beyond the four to five day point.​

  • A company has 72 hours to mitigate, if they are not half way done drying by day two they need to reevaluate their drying process.​

  • No marked signs of improvement by day two means the water damage needs more equipment or more demolition.

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Types of equipment in the home​

  • Extra large or desiccant dehumidifiers

  • Used typically for class 3 and 4 water losses only.

  • In a class 4 water loss, conventional dehumidifiers don't do anything past day one.​

  • Air Scrubbers

  • For water mitigation purposes air scrubbers are generally reserved for category 3 water losses only.

  • This may change when the IICRC releases a revised edition of the S500.​

Important Note:

If any vendor cannot explain and prove through documentation why any piece of equipment was needed they should not be compensated.

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